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Mobile applications analytics. TOP-3 systems analytics for work

When the programmer has finished coding the application, it is important to understand that the work does not end there. Professionals need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the service, marketers need to understand how to build a strategy and what sources of traffic to use, and the whole team to think about what else can be improved. It is the setting of analytics of mobile applications that can provide answers to these key questions.

For mobile services, the following types of analytics are decisive:

Marketing – experts analyze the promotion channels and determine which of them is the most profitable.

Product – analyzes customer behavior in the application. Experts are looking for an answer to the question: what else could I think of in order to increase involvement, increase conversions.

App stores – specialists monitor how popular your service is among users, how many downloads.

With all this information, you can constantly improve the application, and thus increase profits. IOS and Android mobile apps analytics is the key to success.

What factors are important to track?

For the three types of mobile services analytics, the key roles are played by the following indicators:

  • the number of downloads from the store
  • installation sources – where users found out about your application, downloaded it from the site or via a direct link from the site

ROAS – payback on advertising costs – are the right tools chosen to promote mobile apps?

app rating

retention – customer retention rate – how long does your application linger in a smartphone?

paid user actions – are customers ready to make purchases in the service?

competition – who are your key competitors, what are their advantages

Analytics for mobile applications allow you to track these factors, draw conclusions, and implement improvements.

The best tools for analyzing the effectiveness of a mobile application

In this article, we will recommend 3 tools for mobile services analytics, which will give you comprehensive information:

  • Firebase analytics
  • Flurry
  • Appannie
  • Tool # 1 – Firebase Analytics

This is a great comprehensive tool for analyzing mobile applications Yandex and google.

The tool is relatively young, but it is already winning the hearts of marketers and has its market share. One of its advantages is that, for example, Google Analytics for applications requires writing a technical assignment for programmers in order to adequately monitor each event. Firebase allows you to monitor events automatically, collect them and import them into the advertising system. This saves time.

The capabilities of the tool let you know:

  • how many times your application opened
  • how many purchases have customers made in the application
  • how many users were active in a given piece of time
  • demographic and geographical indicators of users conversions

Also the tool provides reports.

Tool # 2 – Flurry

Flurry possesses 36.07% of iOS in the market of analytical tools. The advantage of the tool over standard Google Analytics in the ability to make a fingerprint. Also, analytics for mobile apps ios tracks the demographic, geographic interests of users, retention. You can track the number of new and active customers, as well as involvement. Using the tool, you will learn which features of the application are the most requested, which will allow you to draw a number of conclusions and implement improvements.

Of the shortcomings of the tool:

  • no attribution modeling
  • there is no possibility of downloading information about traffic sources
  • slow work tool

Tool number 3 – AppAnnie

Setting up mobile apps analytics for android and ios for monitoring mobile service stores is the profile for this tool. The service allows you to analyze the market, competitors, behavioral indicators in the ranks and optimize the processes of promotion.

One of the main advantages is the analysis of customer remarketing behavior. You can find out what is wrong with your application and why users are not returning to using it. The service also monitors advertising campaigns of competitors, reports of this activity will allow you to draw conclusions and change your own strategy.

To your attention are provided and a variety of behavioral data, market analysis and so on.