1. Whose side to take in the war of mobile operating systems?

Mobile users can choose devices based on a variety of operating systems. Therefore, first of all, many are wondering: what platforms to choose in order to reach the target audience as much as possible? And although there are many small players, the 2 main heavyweights on the OS market are iOS and Android.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s quite difficult to choose between them (why you can’t just take and copy an application developed for a different platform – read here). The App Store sets serious limitations to make sure that apps that go to the store are really worth seeing. This is true, but this approach has a downside. Many companies simply do not want to deal with all these rules and choose Android (Google Play), where the requirements for published applications are much less strict.

The best solution to this dilemma is to make an application for both iOS and Android. If this is not possible, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The cost of developing a mobile application for each of the platforms is about the same, there is no clear winner here. However, the market for Android devices is much more segmented. This means that support for Android applications and adapting them for the variety of versions and screen resolutions will cost you much more. In turn, iOS boasts higher profitability, data security, user loyalty, and also allows you to spend less on support.

2. What should be my application?

Why do people use apps? If you do not dig deep and do not go into the details of research in psychology, then the short answer is because they perform the necessary function. Used to solve some problems, automate processes, or just for fun – the main thing is that users find a real use for your mobile software. Try to keep a balance. Creating an application, think about how to benefit for your business, and how to make the best product for users. You want them to be loyal and come back to him again and again, right?

3. How can I make money on the application?

OK. Suppose you are ready to develop an application. But here comes the logical question: how soon will it pay off and how to earn money on it?

We already wrote about the monetization of mobile applications in a little more detail. In short, at the initial stages it is recommended to make them free. At least, as long as you do not promote your project and enlist the love and support of a sufficiently large number of users. Once you achieve this goal, you can make the application paid (although you can not do this, and earn with the help of other methods). Usually they start with the minimum price (59 rubles – iOS, 30 – Google Play), gradually moving upwards. In general, if the application is no more expensive than a cup of coffee – it seems to people quite adequate price.

An alternative way is freemium, about which we have also written more than once. You offer a free basic version, but useful additional content or functionality can be obtained only for money.

Some applications are available by subscription: in order to use them, you must pay a specific fee monthly or annually.

If you use the application in addition to the existing business – to optimize processes or create a new sales channel – you will need to track how much it helps you to earn or save. Based on this and count its payback.

4. What is the cost of developing a mobile application?

This is probably the most frequently asked question, which, in this case, does not have a monosyllabic answer. Go to the App Store or Google Play. See how many applications there are and how they are all different. Most likely, the amount of funds spent on creating each of them is also very different.

There are developers who promise you a finished product in a week and 25 thousand rubles. There is such a thing as free designers. There are also “elite” developers who strictly select clients and will not even begin to undertake small projects. As you understand, talking about some kind of “average in the hospital” is simply meaningless.

We will not engage in an application that is doomed to failure and has no real value either for you or for potential users. On average, the cost of our mobile projects (Android or iOS) varies from 600 thousand to 2 million rubles (but this is far from the ceiling). It all depends on what the final product will be, how much time the specialists will have to invest in it, how difficult it will be and how many opportunities you want to realize in it.