Creating mobile applications – we understand the intricacies of doing business

Mobile phones and tablets in recent years have taken over most of the total traffic. This, however, is not surprising. Most people gadgets literally do not let go of the hands. They tightly squeeze them even in a dream! Yes, the modern generation does not part with smartphones and tablets for a minute, because the devices are small and really convenient to carry them everywhere. For comparison: the PC is so easy to put in your pocket. And especially you will not take with yourself in a bed.

Statistics show that people buy smartphones and tablets much more often than PCs. Another statistic shows that on average a user installs 25-30 applications on a phone. 10 are social networks, instant messengers, weather services and e-mail. Another 5-10 people need for leisure, namely, for games and training. The rest is to simplify life. So, the following applications are very popular and in demand:

  • online stores
  • maps of the area and traffic jams,
  • taxi services and others.

The average user “sits” in the gadget 3.5 hours a day. In this regard, increased rates of mobile advertising. About 66% of all digital advertising investments now fall on it. 22% of the total amount is e-commerce.

Analysts predict that by 2018, America’s retail and wholesale sales will rise to a level of 27%. Now it is 22%. Proceeds from the sale of gadgets by the end of next year will be 100 billion green.

Due to the popularity of gadgets, the need for various applications has intensified. People want to get maximum comfort in a very short time. With mobile add-ons, this is really possible. For example, you need to book a plane ticket. The steps are simple:

  1. went into the appropriate application
  2. found a suitable option
  3. paid by credit card

Received the purchase by email.

And you no trips through the entire city, seats (and even worse – standing) in the queue and an explanation with the cashier. There are hundreds and thousands of similar examples.

We want to remind you of some factors.

Developing a mobile application is more expensive than creating a web extension or website. At the same time, profits often have to wait much longer.

Mobile application – the development of the future. Even if she didn’t shoot right away, she’s likely to be profitable with time.

If you succeed in occupying the right niche in the market and gaining a foothold in it, success will surely come to you.