2 Greatest movies for Telugu Audience

Watching movies can create a feeling of happiness within. It can also make you laugh after a hard day. Besides the source of entertainment, it also gives you knowledge of various things. Whenever you watch a funny movie, no matter what, you will feel a little better. There are many new Telugu movies that you can watch on the OTT platform aha.

Moreover, on that platform, you can see many movies of different genres and shows that you can watch at the convenience of your home.

 2 Telugu Movies to Enjoy

Recently, on the OTT platform, there are many movies for you to enjoy. However, there are these two movies on the recommendation to watch for Telugu people. If you are into some spicy suspense, watch Sardar. PS Mithran is portraying the role of a cop in this film, creating the set for pure spy action and a little romance. The movie is especially fill up with action and thrills, delivered by Karthi and Mithran both. With each role, Karthi is becoming even better at acting. He plays a double role in the movie while completely aceing it.

Furthermore, the movie “DJ Tillu” revolves around Radhika, the female lead of the movie. In the movie, she accidentally kills her ex-bf by pushing him. It is a fun-thriller movie. The solid character of the leads makes the movie worth watching it. The hero engrosses the character of the film and breathes the role of his own life. The movie is quite entertaining, as Sidhu delivered terrific acting and daily delivery in the film.

Telugu Movies

aha, the platform for Telugu people

As technology advances, the comfort of our life increases. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for the premiere of a new movie on your cable television. With the tip of your finger, you can watch many shows and movies in your palm. Telugu movies download has never been so easy before. The Film Sardar and Dj Tillu was released on the OTT platform. Moreover, if you are a fan of funny thrillers or serious action, it is recommended to give these new releases a try.

Do you think Sundays are boring and you have nothing to do? Is your evening boring and you didn’t find anything interesting to do? No worries, the OTT platform aha, has many shows and movies for you to check, visit the app for non-stop entertainmnt.

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