Maximizing The Energies of the Full Blood Moon in Scorpio

Every journey begins where you are right now! Setting intentions and practicing positive thinking are just the beginning of the process. We must accept the reality of what exists because denying it renders us defenseless and vulnerable.

Taurus New Moon Get Ready for Abundance!

A very elegant way to understand the ever-changing terrain of your inner world of feelings and to become aware of how your personal growth process is developing is through the use of lunar astrology. Both the New and Full Moons are always auspicious times of the month. The Scorpio Moon Personality Traits illuminates where you are on your journey halfway through, while the New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle.

Lunar astrology tracks the Moon’s movement through the zodiac’s 12 signs throughout the month. The Moon moves into a new sign every two and a half days, bringing with it a new emotional focus and perception. You may feel more compassion for yourself and your constantly shifting moods and emotions if you are aware of the Moon’s position and how she waxes and wanes from New Moon to Full Moon. Your human life is marked by impermanence and ongoing internal emotional change.

In astrology, the moon represents how consciousness develops through your internal emotional Scorpio Moon Personality Traits process and how your intuition directs you. Moon, the archetypal mother, nurtures you in her particular way of being as Mahina, the inner or outer woman.

Scorpio Moon

Aries Full Moon on October 11

Suppressed emotions, covert plans, our needs for healing and nurturing, and anything pertaining to your inner world and feelings are all revealed by a full moon’s consciousness and light. The Full Moon in Aries at 18 degrees encourages you to take decisive action, have clear and focused intentions, find your passion, and take initiative in areas where you may have been holding back.

The Full Moon in Aries continues what the New Moon in Libra began last month, giving us the chance to reconcile the independent warrior of Aries with the needs of Libra for harmony and love, fusing the masculine and feminine.The Scorpio Moon Personality Traits brings more understanding, wisdom, compassion, and equanimity to our drive and passion, completing and balancing it.

Scorpio New Moon on October 26

The last two days, the Moon was in Libra, directing your attention toward your relationships, particularly with your loved ones. We can gain a new emotional perspective by focusing more inward and being brutally honest with ourselves now that the New Moon is in 3 degrees Scorpio

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